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Focus on non-standard automation equipment in the field of packaging and labeling

Shenzhen Bogao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

SHENZHEN   BOSKO   IDENTIFIES TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD located in Guangming New District of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.Is a research and development, production, sales, after-sales service as one of the packaging equipment innovative manufacturing enterprises.

Since its establishment, the company has devoted itself to the development of high precision automatic plane labeling machine

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Rich experience and strength

Years of experience in the production of labeling equipment, timely capture of market demand, and constantly experiment with the combination of new technology materials and applications.

Strong production capacity

Our own factory, hundreds of square meters of production plants and more than 200 production staff, more than 80% of the production experience of the old staff, rich production experience and advanced production equipment combined.

Reasonable quality and price

Carrying out the concept of high quality and low price, own parts processing center and 20 years of production experience, eliminating intermediate links, real low cost and high quality.

Excellent design and development capabilities...

The company has a CNC machining center and a highly precise lathe processing workshop. The entire production line is equipped with multiple inspection systems to ensure that each product is qualified.

Careful delivery service

From the time you place your order to the delivery of your products, Xinli will take care of every step of your order.

The leader in the labeling machine industry · Focus on high-end labeling machine custom manufacturers
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     Problems encountered by customers: 1. Delayed efficiency of customers leads to overstock of goods and outsourcing of products. 2. High labor intensity of personnel operation. 3. High requirem...
    Customer status: label content generation, label printing, manual labeling      Problems: 1. Labels are misaligned and need to be re-printed and re-pasted, which is a waste of cost. 2      The...
     The high-precision plane labeling machine is a plane labeling machine customized for hardware non-standard parts. It is mainly composed of high-precision sucking head, adjustable fixture, scr...
     Traditional manual labeling requires at least one label per minute, but with an automatic labeling machine, up to 60 labels per minute can improve work efficiency. On an eight-hour day, a tra...
     Borgo clothing card label machine is mainly for the needs of all walks of life in the market, mainly used in a variety of CARDS, such as business CARDS, phone CARDS, scratch CARDS, bookmarks,...
   Bogao electronic labeling machine is mainly designed for the needs of the electronics industry that appear in the market. It is mainly used for precise labeling of electronic components and dig...
     Bogao food industry labeling machine is mainly for the needs of all walks of life in the market at present developed, food printing labeling machine compact reasonable, simple and beautiful a...
If this is an automatic labeling machine that can replace at least 5 workers, would you be interested?Bogao logo of the automatic express single-label machine can do this!      Electronic face shee...
  Electronic supervision code is the Chinese government to product id given by the implementation of the electronic supervision for each product, each product of the electronic supervision code on...
In many cases, the power adapter manufacturer will struggle with when the product labeling is the best? As the adapter needs to go through a variety of processes before it can be formed when it is...
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   Bring economic benefits for the customer‘s products are favored by customers, so now the automation equipment available in the market by customers friends like, automatic labeling machine, in p...
How to judge whether the automatic labeling machine is worth buyingWith the continuous rise of packaging equipment industry, there are more and more automatic labeling machine manufacturers in Chin...



 The fully automatic round bottle labeling machine is a very good labeling machine in our company, which can be used for full/half week, front and back double labeling of various cylindrical items...
The fully automatic round bottle labeling machine is an automatic labeling device specifically designed for labeling round bottle products. It is widely used in industries such as cosmetics, food, ...
How should we solve the problem when the fully automatic flat label machine for cards malfunctions? Here is an introduction to everyone:The failures of labeling machines are often caused by imprope...
During the use of the fully automatic round bottle labeling machine, some small problems are inevitable, and we cannot always find technical personnel. For example, for some common faults, we can s...
  The fully automatic positioning circular bottle labeling machine is specially designed for circular bottle objects with special labeling requirements. It can be used for positioning and labeling...
Example explanation:If the product size is: ¥ 30 ≤ product diameter ≤ ¥ 100mm; 30 ≤ product height ≤ 290mm; Required labeling accuracy: ± 1mm; Labeling speed: Within the range of 20-60 pieces/minu...
  The circular bottle positioning and labeling machine is a specialized labeling device that can be used for positioning and labeling various cylindrical items with full/half circumference, front ...
    Nowadays, the labeling machine technology is mature and high-end, with guaranteed quality. The speed of each model of labeling machine varies. It is recommended that you choose the fully autom...
We not only have requirements for equipment when using it, but also have certain requirements for its accessories, parts, or everything related to it. The same goes for automatic labeling machines,...
After more than a decade of equipment manufacturing, we often hear users react to some issues when applying equipment. Today, as a manufacturer, Bogao Labeling Technology will talk about how to qui...